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EPIC Talks The Lights at Sheyenne!

February 27, 2019

EPIC talks The Lights at Sheyenne positioned on 32nd and Sheyenne in West Fargo, just south of the interstate. EPIC Companies needed a large amount of space to make a dream come true in a VERY unique set of buildings. 

Combining floors of commercial space with their signature living spaces (some with multiple floors) is already a home run. Now think about a courtyard space in the middle that can host concerts, winter festivals, public art, groups big and small, and whatever else someone can imagine – well, you have The Lights at Sheyenne. 

This ultra-modern take on mixed-use buildings will be something that sets a new bar for city spaces. EPIC Companies is thinking ahead of the game and their projects speak for themselves. 

Listen to EPIC Talks The Lights at Sheyenne

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