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Mixed-Use Development coming to North Bismarck

February 22, 2019

Mixed-Use Development:

Permits have been approved for a mixed-use development in north Bismarck. Mixed-use means the ground floor would be for commercial space, and the top floors would be residential apartments.

There will be about 20-thousand square feet of commercial space, located on North Washington. Epic Companies have already started finding tenants for the storefronts. For residential tenants, the apartments will have underground parking, as well as rooftops patios. The developer is calling the space Area 57 and has already signed a few commercial leases.

McKenzy Olson; VP of Marketing and PR for Epic Companies: “It’s different and customizable for what square footage you’d want. We have 6,000 SF right now signed on for commercial space. So we do have some 1st-floor ground space available. It could be suitable for a drive-up business. It can be suitable for any type of business..”

Area 57 is expected to open in the summer of 2020. Epic Companies is based out of Fargo and has properties across the state.

Every Eye is under construction and opening if a few short weeks. The building owner is an optometrist and says the perfect opportunity arose for her to open this shop. The optometry clinic is taking over the former “Brea” boutique on Main street in Mandan. Every Eye will offer your typical optometry services, but what makes this office stand out is their same-day glasses.

Eve Kostelecky; Owner of Every Eye: “You’ll be able to get your eye exams here, as well as pick out glasses, we’ll do some specialty testing too. One unique thing that we are offering is same-day service. So that means in one day, you can pick out a pair of glasses, and have them on your face, and walk out seeing clearly.”

Kostelecky tells us construction is on track, and Every Eye is set to open on March 1st.

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