Todd’s Take #5 – Condos in the Sky!

October 31, 2023

Condos in the Sky!

As we approach the end of the year, we will have built 105 condos in the sky! No, this isn’t in the Twin Cities, and no, it isn’t on the 44th floor. EPIC is building condominiums on the 5th, 6th, and 7th floors of several of its new buildings, and for North Dakota, that is a Condo in the Sky!

It has been an interesting endeavor and it sure seems to be working as we have sold over 20% of the condos we have built. Condos are complicated, or are they? If you ask that question to a banker or a broker that really hasn’t dove into them, their answer might be yes. If you take some time, and understand how they work, the answer is a resounding NO! They are in fact not complicated at all, in fact, the lifestyle they come with is unreal! It took us several years to work through the details between legal, financing, selling, fees, etc., but we are tracking! Soon, we will be closing a unit with a VA Loan, traditionally, one of the more difficult type loans to close on, and it is going just fine! 

The condos are where the action is at – The Lights (West Fargo), EOLA (Fargo), The Beacon (Downtown Grand Forks), and The Arch (Downtown Fargo) – all areas of hustle and bustle, lively entertainment, community-driven engagement, and so much more! When you think of condo living in North Dakota, you likely think of more traditional patio homes, twin homes, etc. You don’t necessarily think of 28 units on the top three floors of the newest building at The Lights, that is for sure!

We are addressing condo living to an audience that likes action, convenience, security, and of course, great views! When thinking of moving into a condo, think about the homeowner tasks you don’t have to do anymore, the savings of what you don’t have to own, maintain, and deal with. Park underground, and head on up to your Condo in the Sky! You will be amazed that once you put a pencil to it, even at today’s interest rates, it can make clear economic sense.

If you have an agent or a broker, and you are interested, encourage them to understand the benefits of our condos, to really take a minute and tour one, yes, they will get their fee, and you will have a new home in one of the state’s newest adventures – Condos in the Sky!


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