Todd's Take - 2024 Excitement!

Todd’s Take – 2024 Excitement!

February 5, 2024

Daycares, Waterpark, Ice Cream, REIT, and Event Spaces!

Here we go!  I am so excited for 2024!

EPIC has been working on getting daycares into some of it’s properties and it sure sounds like we are having some success.  It takes work from our commercial sales team, public relations, and finance, along with many others, that is for sure.  We have one coming in at Makt at our EOLA development in Fargo, and one coming to Maverick, our Tracks development in Minot.  We hope to have one at our Area 57 Development in Bismarck, and it would be cool to have one in our Gateway development in downtown Fargo!

Our Wave Waterpark Resort at EOLA in Fargo is a go!  This has been over two years in the making, and now, with the help of several banks, lots of community orientated investors, and many others, we will be breaking ground this spring! 

I am always on a mission to lose weight, that is for sure, but I think I have taken a few steps back since hitting the newest ice cream sensation, Lundy’s!  Check it out if you can, unreal ice cream, malts, and service!  We will be having a Lundy’s at The Beacon in Grand Forks, The Wave, and The Maverick at the Tracks in Minot. 

Our new event space at The Lights is really developing and becoming an integral part of The Lights.  The booking of this space has gone very well, and you will see more of these event spaces showing up at our other plaza developments across the state!

Last, but certainly not least, is the opening of our REIT, Vision REIT!  Our capital and finance teams, and investors have wanted to have this for quite some time and now it is here! We have several properties being reviewed for UPREIT and investing REIT capital into new projects as well!

For information on these topics and more, please go to:

                The Wave Waterpark – The Wave by EPIC Waterpark Resort

                Lundy’s Ice Cream – Lundy’s Ice Cream (

                The Lights Event Center – The Lights Event Center – Dive Bar (

                Vision REIT by EPIC –

Enjoy this balmy winter, have a positive attitude, and enjoy life!


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