7 Ope 1 Tattoo Shop at The Don in Fargo, North Dakota

Meet 7 Ope 1 Tattoos, a New Commercial Tenant at The Don

January 5, 2024

EPIC Companies is excited to welcome a new commercial tenant to The Don at Liberty Town Center in Fargo – 7 Ope 1 Tattoos, owned by Ryan Wald! They recently answered a few questions for us to learn more about their business and why they choose their new location at The Don.

Where did the idea of 7 Ope 1 Tattoos come from? 

Owning my own tattoo shop has been the goal since I started tattooing. I wanted something fun and memorable that people would relate to. 7 Ope 1 Tattoos came into fruition when I was brainstorming ideas to tie the shop to the Midwest and more importantly our Fargo/Moorhead community.

7 Ope 1 Tattoo Shop at The Dpn in Fargo, North Dakota

What will set 7 Ope 1 Tattoos apart from other similar businesses in the Fargo/Moorhead area?

Your health and satisfaction is number one! With that, I prioritize cleanliness, safety, and sterile practices that follow industry standards. 

It’s not just about the artwork, it’s about the details and the story behind it. I’m not here to just slap a design on and call it a day. I genuinely care about your tattoo concept, its significance, what it means to you, and longevity. Creating a custom, unique tattoo is important to me, especially one that will stand the test of time! 

7 Ope 1 Tattoo Shop at The Dpn in Fargo, North Dakota

What is your favorite part of what you do?

I love the creative freedom I have more than anything in this world. It’s one of the best parts of what I do. It has allowed me to unlock so many different ideas for my client’s and the vision they have for the tattoo. When both parties come together, we create something truly awesome! The clients have absolutely made this career more than worthwhile with the trust they give me, friendship, and stories that come with it over the years. I’ve grown with some of these clients since I’ve started tattooing and they have made me the artist that I am. I’m dedicated to learning something new for the entirety of my career. The ability to wake up and go to work doing something I truly love is not something many individuals get to say and for that, I am very fortunate. 

7 Ope 1 Tattoo Shop at The Dpn in Fargo, North Dakota

What are the biggest benefits from being at The Don and what lead you to The Don?

Location and space was huge for me when selecting the future home of 7 Ope 1 Tattoos! I am surrounded in the ever-growing South West Fargo area by successful, goal oriented, business owners. The Don offers wicked awesome exposure being in a high traffic area, located in a multi-use building, along with the additional advertising that EPIC Companies offers. I am excited to bring tattoos to an untapped area in our city!

7 Ope 1 Tattoos at The Don in Fargo, North Dakota

Find 7 Ope 1 located at 5652 36th Avenue S, Suite 110, Fargo, ND.

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