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Glance into EPIC’s Architecture Team

October 22, 2021

Take a glance into our Architecture department at EPIC Companies! We visited with Ben Zeltinger, EPIC’s Architect, and Ellyssa Derrig, Architect Intern. They work closely with many of the EPIC teams including CBE, Commercial, and Development.

What made you decide to pursue architecture?

Ben: I always enjoyed building things growing up, lego sets, model cars and airplanes and just seeing how things are put together. 

Can you explain the architecture process and how it coordinates with EPIC?

Ben: That it’s not necessarily a linear process, it tends to evolve through the initial site review to the final move in quite a bit which makes it fun and dynamic. 

What is your favorite part?

Ben: That it’s always changing and never seems to become monotonous. 

What has been your favorite project to work on?

Ben: The Mill Square project was a fun one with EPIC.  Another would be the University of Mary School of Business project in Bismarck that I had the opportunity to design and ended up winning an NDAIA design award.

Do you have a specific style or does it change for each project? 

Ben: Not really a specific style, more designing it to fit the client’s taste, that it “fits” its surroundings, and seems thought through.

Ben, what has Ellyssa been the most helpful on?

Ben: Taking tasks and assignments and running with them and always having a positive attitude. 

Ellyssa, what has been your favorite part/project you’ve worked on at EPIC?

Ellyssa: I enjoy being able to be involved in all parts of the design process and seeing the turnout in the end. I enjoyed working on Tati’s Mediterranean Restaurant and the Beacon Plaza, those were two projects I worked heavily on over this summer and really enjoyed working on.

Anything else you’d like to feature or highlight about EPIC’s architecture department?

We’ve been putting out a lot of fun tenant fit spaces that are filling up our buildings with a lot of energy and excitement! 

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