Construction Team Spotlight

October 11, 2022

Our Communications team sat down with our Construction crew to get the inside scoop on how they transform our buildings from concept to reality. Read on to learn about this hands-on group of team players!

ANDY, VP of Construction – 1 ½ years at EPIC

NICK G, Director of Construction – almost 2 years

SHANE, Construction Manager – 6 months

LEE, Construction Manager – 1 year

DAVID, Construction Manager – 8 months

NASHTEN, Construction Manager – 1 ½ years

MARCQUS, Construction Manager – 4 months

NICK M, Construction Manager – 1 ½ years

KRISTOPHER, Construction Superintendent – 1 ½ years

CALVIN, Construction Superintendent – 4 months

JOHN, previously on our Maintenance Team, now a Construction Intern – 4 years

Chris, Construction Manager – 2 months

Tyrone, Construction Superintendent – 1 year

Bruce, Senior Project Manager – 2 months


ANDY: All of them! 😊 Designing and planning in preparation for 2023 with some level of involvement in every project EPIC does.

NICK G: The M building, The Arch, and BSIII, as well as oversight of all of our team’s projects.

SHANE: Envy, Beacon 1923, Beacon IP, Beacon Plaza, Plaza 32, and JP Place.

LEE: MAKT, Area 57, Northland, Kava Kove.

DAVID: I was hired for The Tracks, but I’m also working on the CBE suite in Minot and various fit-ups in Minot.

NASHTEN: LTC, The Don, and a Family Office.

MARCQUS: The CBE remodel, EPIC remodel, Northland Vapor, and Kava Kove.

NICK M: AB-42, First Western Bank & Trust, LTC Retail Building, and Lincoln.

KRISTOPHER: Maverick and the CBE office remodel.

CALVIN: The Don and LTC Retail.

JOHN: Currently working on a 7,000 sq. ft parking lot expansion. Also working on a digital monument sign.


BRUCE:  M by EPIC mostly, but also helping Dave and Kris as needed with The Tracks, Park South, and finishing the CBE Office Suite in Minot.


ANDY: Mentor and lead our great construction team; coordinate and assist with the budgeting and design of future projects; and collaborate with all divisions of the company on our common vision forward.

NICK G: A little of everything: helping the team project managers and superintendents succeed and problem solve; reviewing; reporting; contractor relations; project consultation and health involving budgets and scheduling; and generally just trying to help wherever I am called.

SHANE: Oversee and manage construction budgets, submittals, quality control, cost efficiency, and ensure that EPIC’s standard of building is being implemented.

LEE: Project pre-planning, scheduling, estimating, product procurement, cost management, quality control, project safety, contract administration, and more.

DAVID: Communicating with various contractors, reading emails, attending meetings, and keeping my phone charged.

NASHTEN: Plan, coordinate, and manage all aspects of a project from design to closeout.

MARCQUS: Communicate with trades and owners, maintain budget, and take lots of pictures.

NICK M: Building relationships with subcontractors, plan, organize, schedule and complete construction projects.

KRISTOPHER: Ensuring work put in place is in compliance with plans and specifications and creating and maintaining a safe workplace.

CALVIN: Job details consist of day-to-day operations on the job site, which is scheduling subcontractors, material delivery, etc.

JOHN: Refining project plans, defining the SOW’s, putting the job out to bid, buy out and then managing the daily coordination of the work using Procore and Bluebeam.

TYRONE: Quality control, communication, delegation, coordination, and common sense.

BRUCE:  Project planning, safety, scheduling, procurement, contract administration, bidding, cost management, and basically overseeing all aspects of construction.


ANDY: Without a doubt, the people I get to work with every day and the culture that EPIC lives by.

NICK G: Success – whether it’s the project or the people. I want our teams to succeed, and I want our relationships to flourish. Impact – our projects affect the lives of everyone in our community – whether they are building it, living it, or experiencing it. And transformation – the lasting, generational impression and legacy that we have the ability to provide our communities.

SHANE: The TEAM approach to build exciting, quality projects efficiently.

LEE: The people, the process, the experience.

DAVID: The fast pace and communicating with a wide range of people.

NASHTEN: Seeing a project come to life from a client’s initial concept to design and through completion.

MARCQUS: I enjoy seeing a project go from an initial design to the finished product.

NICK M: I appreciate the fact that no day or job is ever the same. There is always a problem to solve.

KRISTOPHER: Working with the trades on site.

CALVIN: I really enjoy working with all the people at EPIC and CBE, very professional. A great environment – everyone is very positive.

JOHN: I enjoy the people I work with the most. It’s always a positive atmosphere, and everyone is always willing to help and teach.

TYRONE: I don’t mind the stress. I enjoy the ability to pass on any knowledge I have and learn from other people.

BRUCE:  The day to day twists, turns, excitement, and interaction watching the projects grow and develop.  


ANDY: It’s a daily occurrence with constant monitoring of all projects.  I look to my team and our partners for consistent updates on project timelines and what potential impacts need to be kept in mind.

NICK G: We use scheduling software and information provided by our contractors to establish a project timeline. We build on that with daily site management and coordination with our trade partners. We also have weekly meetings that generate schedule updates and/or delays which we are able to publish for all stakeholders – fostering relationships that create “buy-in” and strong efforts.

SHANE: We use a program called Procore that has schedule updates, but a majority of this is just good old-fashioned site meetings and coordination.

LEE: We utilize scheduling software that locks in the original schedule to identify areas of “slippage.”

DAVID: We communicate primarily through phone calls and follow-up with an email. Keeping detailed notes are key to staying ahead of schedule.

NASHTEN: Continuing to communicate with all associated trades, architects/engineers, and clients on an as needed/weekly basis throughout the project to ensure all appropriate practices and procedures are taken care of within the timelines they’ve been scheduled.

MARCQUS:  I communicate through calls and emails. I keep track of timelines with Smartsheet.

NICK M: Updating schedules and project outlooks weekly.

KRISTOPHER: Weekly coordination meetings with subcontractors and pre-install meetings as new phases of work come on.

CALVIN: I have weekly meetings with subcontractors and CBE staff, and I also keep in close touch with everyone involved with the project.

JOHN: I have to stay organized and use Procore. Have pre-construction and construction meetings as the project proceeds to make sure timelines are matching and work is being done in a timely manner.

TYRONE: Constant coordination with trades onsite and those soon-to-be onsite, weekly meetings, and personal interaction. Talking with people is very beneficial. An email doesn’t represent who we are or how we actually feel, in my opinion.

BRUCE:  Constant communication and interaction with the team (EPIC and the subcontractors), walking the jobsite frequently to understand the progress, and communicating daily with the trades on site.


ANDY: The continued growth and direction the company is heading. We are very lucky to build wonderful projects that enhance the communities where we work, live, and play.

NICK G: Our growth of the people, the projects, the programming, and our community.

SHANE: The next FIRST in this area! EPIC is on the forefront of innovation and thinking outside the box. Hopefully, it won’t be long for the next “first.”

LEE: Our ability to positively affect whole communities.

DAVID: Taking project ideas/renderings and bringing the project to life!

NASHTEN: To see EPIC continue to grow, enhance communities, and create new innovative developments.

MARCQUS: I look forward to being involved with the various upcoming projects.

NICK M: The consistent building and growing as a team and a company.

KRISTOPHER: The first outdoor venue for The Tracks development.

CALVIN: Working with the staff and mentoring the younger staff. I see a lot of potential and success in the young staff at EPIC.

JOHN: Being able to grow my knowledge and my career.

TYRONE: Being part of a TEAM where the people all around you are very positive. I’m hoping I can help grow EPIC as a whole—being able to say that I was part of it in a small way. I see the pride people take in their job, and it makes me smile. It’s not about the problem—it’s about the solution.

BRUCE:  Being involved in the continued growth within the local community and the excitement of EPIC establishing a solid footprint growing across ND and MN.


ANDY:  It’s very difficult to pick just one. The best part about construction is that every project is special in its own way with the design, purpose, and challenges that get to be solved.

NICK G: All of them because each one has its own unique challenges and opportunities to both solve and learn from. All of that knowledge is poured into the next project and shared with others. “A rising tide lifts all boats.”

SHANE: USAF Missile Silo Control building NW of Carrington, ND. I can’t go into much detail, but definitely a once-in-a-lifetime project!

LEE: So far, everything within EPIC has been a point of pride that I am proud to share.

DAVID: Back in 2013, while working for Bobcat of Doosan, I was searching for a supplier to provide the entire DEF system for all 75+ HP Bobcat Machines. During this project, I was able to travel to Bergen, Norway; Toulouse, France; Tampa, Florida; and Tucson, Arizona.

NASHTEN: An extensive Family Office.

MARCQUS: McGregor Square in Denver, CO.

NICK M: All projects are cool in their own way.

KRISTOPHER: A microgrid liquified natural gas plant.

CALVIN: I have worked on so many projects in my 42 years on construction it’s hard to pinpoint the coolest. To me, building and changing the skyline on all the projects that I have done are cool.

JOHN: It’s not very cool as in flashy, but I’d say the parking lot expansion because it’s my first project and a great stepping stone.

TYRONE: Every project I’ve done has its unique aspects, but the most significant ones I remember are those that impact people in positive ways. I’m glad to have been a part of that.  

BRUCE:  M by EPIC (of course)!

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