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EPIC proudly supports West Fargo growth & culture

October 18, 2022

West Fargo has provided numerous opportunities for EPIC’s developments to support their significant population growth and cultural identity. In particular, The Lights on Sheyenne Street and 32nd Avenue has become a destination for a variety of events and community gatherings. Read on to learn more about West Fargo’s plans to continue evolving.

The Lights, West Fargo, ND, featured in Forum article

(West Fargo, ND) – A small town with big city amenities.

That’s the longstanding attribute many West Fargo residents feel best describes the city of West Fargo. But, as the city has grown from around 5,000 to an expected 40,000 in the past two decades, the city plans to incorporate not the small town feel into a distinct identity that will set the city of West Fargo apart but one that will gel with the other two metro cities.

“I think the city of West Fargo’s story for the last 20 and even longer, has been growth, and, we know that growth has been driven by families,” West Fargo Communications Director Melissa Richard said. “A lot of that growth is due to the growing school district and south of Interstate 94. And with that, we have a lot of new residents that haven’t been part of West Fargo’s history. Now that we have a big population infusion into the city, we have a new identity. We need to look at how that looks and what it is made up of. We don’t have the same West Fargo we had 20 years ago, but the West Fargo we had 20 years ago is still very strongly part of our identity.”

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