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Winter Moving Tips

January 26, 2022

What comes to mind when you hear winter? Cold, not fun, we could go on forever. If your lease is ending, it might not be the most ideal weather to be carrying boxes in and out of a building, but read below to hear our best winter moving tips to overcome this brutal season! 


Pack ahead of time

Moving is not the task you can put off until the day of, some people try but end up failing miserably. It is best to plan ahead.  

You are going to be needing packing supplies, sticky notes, and a Sharpie.  

While packing in unpredictable weather like it is in the Midwest, it is recommended to use weatherproof storage solutions for packing. This way you can avoid all your belongings being wet and cold when you get to your new home.  

Winter Moving Tips


As you are packing, make sure to keep in mind the significance of each box being hauled into your new place. Continuously ask yourself if you’ll be needing this the day you move or can it sit in a box until you begin the unpacking process.  

I hope you have your sticky notes and markers ready! Those will be perfect to use when labeling the neatly packed boxes by room or the items inside.  

Winter Moving Tips

Cleaning Checklist 

Clean Light Fixtures and fan blades (if applicable)   Wipe-down baseboards, door casing, and both sides of the door(s) Clean shower, tub, sink, faucet head, handles, mirror  
Clean windows and patio doors (if applicable)  Vacuum carpet (professionally cleaned if requested)  Wash floor, baseboards, and corners 
Dust Blinds Clean air conditioner filter  Clean toilet inside and outside 
Clean washing machine and dryer  Clean walls, cabinets, shelves, drawers throughout the unit (bathroom, kitchen, etc)  Clean under oven drip pan, oven, refrigerator (inside and outside), dishwasher (inside and outside) 
Scrub stove, drip pans, burners, rings, and racks  Wipe-down counters and backsplash Sweep and mop all floors (bathroom, kitchen, laundry room, etc)  
Sweep garage and/or patio (if applicable)  Wash patio rails  Shovel outside the garage (if applicable)  

**This is not an official checkout list, confirm with your property management company for an official move-out cleaning list. This list is a good start to the overall cleaning and checkout process of your current unit.   

Winter Moving Tips

Now that you have packed away your items and cleaned your apartment, it’s now for the dreaded part, moving.  


It’s finally time to do all the heavy lifting!  

Check the weather 

Make sure to check the weather to know what to expect, will it be sunny and 35℉ or frigid and -18℉. Being mentally and physically ready for what is to come is our best recommendation. That also means you will need to prepare for it. That leads us to….  

Dress for the weather

Make sure to dress weather appropriately, the winter temperatures can range from -50℉ with windchill all the way to 30℉! Mother nature just can’t make up her mind sometimes, so it is always good to be prepared.  

Winter Moving Tips

Does your building have underground parking?

If so, this gives you the perfect opportunity to unload the small items in the warmth and easy access to your new home!  

Getting dark early

In the winter, we have fewer hours of daylight, so it really narrows your opportunity for the ideal moving time! So make sure to consider how long it will take to move your items into your apartment and the priority of the items if you believe it will take multiple days. In the chance it takes 2 days, it is good to prioritize items that you’ll need on your first night at home and if it is okay to freeze. For those low-temperature nights, you’ll want to avoid items that could potentially explode if frozen.

Now that you have all of these quick tips for moving into a new home, make sure to check out our available apartments at EPIC Companies! We have properties in Fargo, West Fargo, Moorhead, Grand Forks, Minot, and Bismarck! We hope to hear from you soon!  

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