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What is a Mixed-Use Building?

April 17, 2019

EPIC Companies has some big things happening across the entire Red River Valley as well as the state of North Dakota!

McKenzy Olson joins It Takes Two with Amy and JJ to discuss mixed-use building and the exciting new development in Bismarck known as Area 57 plus a deeper conversation about The Lights at Sheyenne, and Pioneer Place – both in West Fargo.

What is a Mixed-Use Building? And why should you consider these as the headquarters to your business, a place to live, or a popular place to spend your time? McKenzy has a great definition of what a mixed-use building can do – which includes building UP and allowing more activity inside the walls during the morning, day and night. 

Imagine living in a place where your commute is an elevator ride away. Before heading to the office, you can grab a cup of coffee from just down the stairs or across an open-air plaza that you have planned to visit again that same evening to see a concert?!?!

A mixed-use building is no mystery to major metropolitan areas, but can be a major game-changer to our area! Luckily, Epic Companies sees a future with new and exciting architecture that creates space that can be occupied and used by many!

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