Valley News Live: Landon’s Light Foundation memorialized through statue and annual event

June 30, 2021

FARGO, N.D. (Valley News Live) – Nearly two years after the death of West Fargo’s Landon Solberg, a statue has been put in place at The Lights. This was part of the Landon’s Night at The Lights event.

“You got to Scheels and you see these icons, these icons of America that have statues in their honor and you think about how long a statue lasts,” said Travis Solberg, a founder of the Landon’s Light Foundation. “I told Andrea we could come back in 50 years and it’s still Landon at The Lights hopefully motivating people to do better and be good and live a good life.”

The impact of Landon, the 12-year-old who died in mid-September of 2019, continues on through the Landon’s Light Foundation. Thanks to Epic Management, a fundraiser was held in West Fargo and the plan is to keep it as annual event.

“We know that it’s Landon who created this and got this momentum going for him and we feel honored we’ve been put in that driver’s seat to help continue it on.” said Travis Solberg.

At a young age, Landon was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. However, despite the circumstances, he was able to find joy and goodness everyday.

“He was just an incredible boy that everyone that he met, regardless of whether you were five or 95, he could make a connection with you.” said Andrea Solberg.

Since its inception in late-2019, the foundation has helped over 70 families. Their mission is to support children that are battling medical conditions and both of Landon’s parents embarked on this journey in the memory of their son.

“You know, we’ve told these families that we serve that it’s just as therapeutic for our hearts as it is for them. We’ve been in their shoes, we know what they are going through.” said Andrea Solberg.

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