Reasons To Live In A Multi-Use Building

November 15, 2019

We believe multi-use buildings are fantastic, and you might agree! EPIC came up with the top reasons to live in a multi-use building.

So.. What is a mixed-use building?

Mixed-use buildings are steadily becoming more popular, especially in the FM/West Fargo area. A mixed-use building is typically a space that has commercial and residential units. This could be all in one building, or in several buildings in a small area. Commercial space is typically retail space of offices. The reason for its popularity is the walkability as well as many other amenities.

Now you know what a mixed-use building is, let’s talk about how it can add quality to your life.


With residential and commercial spaces so close to one another, it is great for convenience. Residents in the apartment units can walk to their favorite stores, work nearby their home and it creates a space for them to enjoy their favorite hobbies. It’s great for people in the warmer month to be able to get exercise instead of driving. It’s even better in the harsher winter months to be able to walk down the stairs of your home to a coffee shop or other retail space. Being so close to your favorite bars has its perks as well. Save yourself the stress of finding a driver as the home is just an elevator ride away!

It’s Better For The Environment

Areas such as this are better for the environment because it reduces traffic and pollution because people are more apt to walk to their destination rather than using their vehicle. Mixed-use development typically also takes up less space as they are built higher, which preserves land.

Fuel The Economy

Typically, these buildings are developed in areas that are underdeveloped. Creating a vibrant new building brings people to that area, and in return heightens the value of the area and surrounding homes. Employees and families that live in these buildings fuel the growth of the already existing stores and restaurants. This tax revenue also creates more funds for the city to improve the area, which will ultimately bring even more people to the area.

These are only a few reasons to live in a multi-use building. If the idea of living close to your favorite stores doesn’t sound perfect to you, let our leasing team convince you with a handful of other reasons. Contact Us!

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