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Old world flavors land at Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur in West Fargo

October 21, 2022

Lebanon, Greece, Turkey, Syria and a lot of other places along the eastern Mediterranean coast have their differences, but there are some things they share. Among them: flavors.

Hints of these flavors have made their way around the sea to Italy, Spain, Morocco and even France. It’s the taste of turmeric, sumac, lemon, garlic, pepper, anise, caraway, and cinnamon. And za’atar, a spice mixture that fills out dishes with hints of coriander, cumin and thyme.

A visit to Tati’s Mediterranean Saveur in West Fargo gives you a good grounding in these flavors and its best introduction can be found in the appetizer section of the menu.

Fatayer comes in three traditional varieties — cheese, meat and spinach — each bringing with it that Mediterranean tang and their own unique spices. The trio ($10) brings one of each of these to your table. The most complex, and certainly one to try, is the cheese version, which introduces nigella seed. It’s a conversation starter, first, because of the variety of cheeses, and, secondly, the unique property of nigella seed that makes it taste slightly differently to everyone at the table, making for interesting comparisons.

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