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Maintenance Team Spotlight

November 2, 2022

EPIC Communications recently sat down with our Maintenance team to get the inside scoop on the individuals who keep the lights on at all of our properties. Keep reading to learn about these hands-on customer service champions. 

Charlie Muus, VP of Building Operations – 1 ½ years at EPIC
Jim Newburgh, Maintenance Technician – 1 ½ years
Kristopher Bentz, Maintenance Technician – 5 months
Mark Gomez, Maintenance Technician – 1 month
Cole Howard, Maintenance Technician – almost 4 years
Bill Bilben, Maintenance Technician – 1 year
Jack Fredrickson, Maintenance Technician – 4 months
Shane Thelen, Maintenance Technician – 2 years
Sean Webster, Maintenance Technician – 3 months
Marshall Barta, Maintenance Technician – 3 months
Kyle Hagen, Maintenance Technician – 3 months

What buildings are you dedicated to?

Charlie: I currently focus on all buildings.
Jim: I’m on the Minnesota side of the river and wherever needed to help and assist. 
Kristopher: Area 57 Bismarck, Blu on Broadway Minot, UJ Place Jamestown, and New Rockford. 
Mark: Not assigned to any buildings yet.
Cole: I am currently dedicated to all the buildings. Mark has all my old buildings now, and I am in a float position wherever needed.
Bill: All Buildings.
Jack: I am dedicated to Arbor Courts and Boulevard Square 1, 2, and 3. 
Shane: I work in our Fargo and Moorhead buildings. 
Sean: I’m dedicated to the grounds, Arbor Courts, and Boulevard Square.
Marshall: I work with Mark at The Lights, Echo, Pioneer, Sheyenne Plaza, and The Firm. 
Kyle: I work alongside Jim, and we are responsible for Gateway, Vanne, Block E, and Comstock.

How would you describe your position with EPIC?

Charlie: I oversee all operation aspects of EPIC properties.
Jim: I maintain and upkeep properties and build good relations with tenants.
Kristopher: Making sure all tenants – commercial and residential – have all their needs met. Fixing and maintaining all the properties to EPIC standards so everyone is confident and comfortable in their residence. 
Mark: Building maintenance and taking care of resident work orders.
Cole: I am a maintenance tech, but I have other duties that include doing pre-inspections, ordering parts, as well as scheduling services with many different vendors (HVAC, plumbing, carpet replacement, etc). 
Bill: General maintenance
Jack: I do all the maintenance for my properties. That includes small things like changing light bulbs, making keys, etc., all the way to putting in new sinks, door frames, and ordering parts and repair services from vendors. 
Shane: Cut lawn, shovel snow, and make sure the exterior of our buildings look good.
Sean: I work on keeping the grounds clean and free of weeds, and I am in training to become a member of maintenance. I’m also an extra hand when someone needs assistance with things like evictions and transportation of appliances.
Marshall: I work as a maintenance tech. 
Kyle: Maintenance tech.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

Charlie: I like the variety of work, working with contractors, and our EPIC team.
Jim: The changing tasks and the people I work with. 
Kristopher: I enjoy the people and the adventure of new things daily.
Mark: It’s the same job, but different every day.
Cole: No two days are the same! 
Bill: Helping tenants as much as I can.
Jack: I enjoy the variety and being out of the office for most of the day.  
Shane: Doing something different every day.
Sean: The diversity – one day I could be pulling weeds, and the next day, I could be learning how to fix a washing machine or moving items out of a unit.
Marshall: I enjoy that I get to do something new every day and tackle new challenges along with meeting all the tenants as I go along. 
Kyle: Doing something different every day.

How do you showcase good customer service with tenants?

Charlie: I try to listen to their concerns and do what I can to help resolve them. 
Jim: Respect them and their needs, earn their trust, and promote EPIC Management.
Kristopher: Always put yourself in their shoes! Little to big concerns are all important! And have fun with what you are doing! People pick up on bad attitudes and if you’re disinterested in their needs. 
Mark: Taking time to listen to a resident’s needs.
Cole: Let tenants know we are here to help.
Bill: Listen to what their concerns are and solve the problem.
Jack: I try to respect the schedule of tenants, and I try to put myself in their shoes when entering their home. 
Shane: I try to put myself in the tenant’s shoes.
Sean: I like to have a general conversation with them about how their day is going and such, and I like to make sure their concerns are heard as well.
Marshall: When working, I like to ask the tenants questions about what they like to do for fun and talk about their interests. 
Kyle: By always being polite and friendly.

What would you like people to know about you?

Charlie: I’m very excited to be a new grandpa! I’m really looking forward to this chapter of my life.
Jim: I’m outdoorsy, love dogs, enjoy trying new restaurants, cooking, hockey, and my family.
Kristopher: Family always comes first! 
Mark: That I’m easy going and easy to get along with.
Cole: Not much, I kind of like to keep to myself.
Bill: I like the outdoors.
Jack: That I am an easy-going person who enjoys a good beer now and then.  
Shane: I’m a big Minnesota sports fan.
Sean: Fishin’ is my mission.
Marshall: I’d like people to know that I’m a local business owner and have many interests and hobbies I like to pursue. 
Kyle: I own a moving company with Marshall and Sean.

What are you most looking forward to with EPIC in the next year?

Charlie: I’m looking forward to growth in knowledge and expertise of property management. The excitement of adding new properties like the Wave. The possibilities are endless with our team. 
Jim: Watching EPIC grow.
Kristopher: All the different projects and opportunities! 
Mark: Continue working with everyone here and improving resident relations.
Cole: Learning…the more I learn the more I can help our company succeed. 
Bill: Just to watch the growth of the company and all the things EPIC is doing for the communities. 
Jack: I look forward to helping EPIC’s leasing and maintenance departments achieve our collective goals. Also, being an asset where needed and growing my own scope and range of skills and responsibilities. 
Shane: To see how much more we can grow as a company and a community.
Sean: Being fully trained as a member of the maintenance team and fixing things that are broken!
Marshall: I’m looking forward to becoming a more experienced maintenance tech and learning more about the ins and outs of EPIC. 
Kyle: Meeting more people throughout the company.

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