The Lights Set To Open Next Week

February 26, 2020

People are about ready to move into a major new complex under construction in a quickly-growing part of the metro.

The first tenants are moving into “The Lights At Sheyenne 32” next week on the corner of Sheyenne and 32nd Avenue South in West Fargo. A second residential building is set to open in September. The mixed-use development will have dozens of apartments, along with retail space, a parking ramp, and a plaza for events and concerts.

The first businesses will open up in the coming months, and the plaza is set to open in June.
“The Lights” is a unique arrangement between the city of West Fargo and private developers. West Fargo Mayor Bernie Dardis talked about the benefit of the partnership on the morning show this morning.

McKenzy Olsen with EPIC Companies says, “It’s a city-owned plaza and a city-owned parking ramp, so with The Lights it kinda took a lot of different pieces and people to make it come together, so it’s been very exciting to see it all now come to fruition.”

There are 49 apartment units in the building opening next week. More than 30 are still up for rent. Click here for more details.

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