EPIC in Faces of Fargo

July 20, 2023

EPIC Companies is a premier mixed-use development company proud to enhance the FMWF community through their introduction of unique offerings like two-story apartments, entertainment plaza/green spaces, skyways that connect parking garages with commercial spaces, and so much more to the area.

EPIC Companies’ sales, events, and property management teams work simultaneously to bring creative, high-caliber projects that benefit the quality of life throughout the community. Their sales team, consisting of Zach Frappier and Taryn Pallen, work tirelessly selling commercial spaces and condos throughout the region. Meanwhile, Lance Johnson’s team hosts events that draw over 50,000 attendees per year including co-promoting the largest Scandinavian festival in North America, Norsk Høstfest. Additionally, Megan Sundet-Plankers’ team expertly manages over 1,000 residential units in North Dakota and Minnesota. In total, EPIC currently has over 375,000 square feet of commercial space and more than 80 (and counting) condos in their portfolio!

EPIC Companies believes that people are what truly make the difference. They believe every job is important, no matter the scope, and see themselves ultimately as innovators who work relentlessly to bring ideas to life.

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