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Art In Our Developments

November 5, 2020

EPIC Companies has a passion for supporting local art. In each of our recent developments, we have been showcasing art in the common areas. The one thing we love about art is that each artist is different and each piece is different. They always find a way to make the space and the piece fit together just perfectly.

Over time we have been developing a strong relationship with local artists and can’t wait to see what ideas continue to come out of it. See below where you can find these beautiful pieces:

  • Block E – Moorhead, MN
    • PineTar Studios
    • 4 pieces
  • Sheyenne Plaza – West Fargo, ND
    • Rando
    • 5 pieces
  • Pioneer Place – West Fargo, ND
    • Nancy Ness
    • 4 pieces
  • EPIC at The Lights – West Fargo, ND
    • Nancy Ness
    • 4 pieces
  • ECHO at The Lights – West Fargo, ND
    • Kate Baldock
    • 3 pieces
  • UJ Place – Jamestown, ND
    • Nancy Ness
    • 1 piece

EPIC Events hosted the 1st Annual EPIC Group Art Show with over 150+ pieces of art and 59 artists that were featured.

If you are interested in featuring your art in one of our buildings or have an idea in mind, let us know by emailing

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