Winter Items Tips and Rules

Winter Tips For Renters

October 22, 2020

Renters, it is hard to believe it that time of year again. To prepare for the cold weather, we have put together a list of items for the snowy season.

Tips & Rules:

  1. Shovel 2ft in front of your garage
  2. Scrape ice from under garage door
    1. Ice under the garage door can cause the door to buckle and break. Avoid the replacement fee by scraping ice regularly.
  3. Cover your air conditioners
    1. If you are missing a cover, please contact management
  4. Drive slow in parking lots to avoid accidents
  5. Underground parking: Make sure garage door is fully open before entering, the pavement may be slippery and you could slide into the garage door
  6. Shovel your balcony
  7. Check the batteries in your smoke detector
  8. Call your landlord or property manager immediately if you suspect a pipe has frozen for further instructions.

Parking Lot Snow Removal:

After a big snow storm, there are typically questions regarding when the lots will be cleared.

  1. 24 hours after the end of snowfall, the drive lanes will be cleared
  2. 48 hours after the end of snowfall, the detail work is done such as sidewalks and between garages
  3. Resident Managers put ice melt down and are responsible for shoveling doorways at the buildings

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