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Punk Chef Pizza and Bar taking its shot at topping Fargo-Moorhead’s pizza pack

May 31, 2022

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Channeling the punk rock spirit of The Ramones, Punk Chef Pizza and Bar is finally ready to party in downtown Moorhead’s Block E Building.

Nate Sauvageau is betting this third restaurant concept for 801 Main Ave. S.E. is a charm.

“I’m ready to be open. It would be nice to have a good summer where we can get our feet under us. And then when the college kids come back, we’re looking to show them a good time,” Sauvageau said Tuesday, May 24. “Hopefully, we’ll be at the right price point where they’ll want to come and see us a few times a week. And when they don’t want to see us, we’ll deliver to them.”

North Dakota artist Punchgut has brought a bad-to-the-bone theme to the restaurant, adding punk-themed wraps and murals to the windows and wall – heavy on the mohawk skulls. He’s also bringing his touch to the bar and pizzeria’s website, T-shirts and other merchandise.

But Sauvageau, who co-owns the restaurant with his wife, Melissa, is confident their ‘zahs and pasta will grab the spotlight for young families, singles and college students that fill nearby homes and apartments.

Armed with his father-in-law’s dough and sauce recipes, and a knack for experimenting with toppings and cheese, Sauvageau expects his thin-crust, brick-oven pizzas, covered with “high-end cheeses,” to top the area’s pizza pack.

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