You can live here!

October 28, 2019

“If you are ready to make that move to a new home – might we suggest you check out any one of the amazing new buildings that Epic Companies has been building in our communities?

You can live here!

If you want the thrill of downtown living – they have it. If you want to be at the edge of the city and enjoy convenient access to our growing communities – they have it. If you want to be closer to school, but also want an updated place for study and work – they have it.

McKenzy Olson from Epic Companies shares some news about the buildings that are currently leasing living space in the metro area. Including some buildings that are just going up, but could be your next home in the early part of 2020!

The best part is these are mixed-use buildings! Have a coffee shop close enough that you don’t need to leave the building. A parking garage big enough to hold ALL your relatives next Thanksgiving. Be a PART of the community you choose to make your home!”

Listen here!

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