Inforum: Apartments forced to take safety measures amid corona-virus outbreak

April 1, 2020

McKenzy Olson from EPIC Companies speaks to the Forum about how we are handling the corona-virus outbreak. See the article below taken from

Normally when looking at an apartment, you want to see it in person before you sign the lease, but with COVID-19 spreading across the world, property managers like EPIC Management are giving potential tenants the option of a virtual tour.

“We’ve been offering to show them through video, so we’ve been taking videos of the vacant units that we can and sending them to the tenants,” said spokesperson, McKenzy Olson.

Vacant is the key word. EPIC has stopped showing any occupied units to limit the spread.

“Safety is our number one concern, so we’re just trying to make sure that we’re taking every measure to keep everyone safe and healthy at this time,” said Olson.

People can still come for a walk-through. EPIC staff just have to take extra precautionary measures like wearing gloves, washing hands, using sanitizer and social distancing six feet apart. If any tenant does get sick with the virus, they’re asking those people to call management right away, so they can warn everyone else living inside and get on top of the spread before it happens.

“We haven’t had any issues so far but we’re just asking that everyone stays home, stays healthy, wash your hands, keep sanitary measures,” Olson said.

To prevent anyone from getting sick, many apartment managers in the area are cleaning high-touch areas like door handles and stairwells 2-3 times a day. Olson said this is to protect staff, tenants and even future tenants.

“We’re just trying to limit any contact that we can – April 1st is coming up, we don’t have a lot of move outs and checkins but we still need to accommodate to everyone,” she added.

They don’t know what the future holds, so they’re using these safety measures to keep things business as usual as long as they can.

EPIC Management is asking the public to support local businesses in the area that closed from North Dakota’s executive order during the pandemic.

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