Horizon Homes to Move into ENVY at The Lights

October 20, 2022

Horizon Homes, a homebuilding and construction company in West Fargo, has found their new home at ENVY at The Lights.

Founded in March of 2021 and having more than 50 years of combined construction experience amongst the partners, Horizon Homes aims to provide a better experience for customers. “Our overarching goal is to be the preeminent local home builder providing quality homes at fair prices,” stated Managing Partner Bronson Mathiason. “When people think quality home at fair prices, regardless of budget, we want them to think of us.”

Mathiason went on the explain that his favorite part of what he and the rest of the team at Horizon Homes does is making customers’ new home ideas a reality. “Seeing the happiness a beautiful new home brings to a family is unparalleled, and you can’t beat the design phase where dreams are brought to life on paper and in 3D models.

Horizon Homes’ current focus is custom homes. They offer in-house design services for a wide range of homes. According to Mathiason, “Generally, it is hard to do full custom floorplans for less than $600k, but we have tried and tested standard floorplans that are in the $300k range.” They are more than capable of reaching $2 million dollar homes! 

Currently renting an executive office at The Lights, Horizon Homes plans to move to their new, larger space in early 2023. While many factors went into to choosing The Lights, Mathiason said the ease of working with Zach Frappier, EPIC’s Director of Realty, and the rest of the team was a huge part of it. “The overall feeling everyone gets when they are at The Lights…you just almost feel like you are on vacation, not at work,” said Mathiason.

ENVY at The Lights is part of the mixed-use development that caters to the growing demand for all lifestyle communities. Along with the completed EPIC and ECHO, the 3 buildings provide 20+ commercial units and 150+ residential units. Commercial spaces remain available in ENVY and EPIC. Contact Zach or Mackenzie today at 701-866-1006 to discuss your options! 

For more information on Horizon Homes, visit their website below!

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