Custom Graphics: Live, Laugh, The Lights

April 30, 2020

Custom Graphics did a great job on our signage at The Lights. They recently shared a blog about The Lights and their team that assisted with the project. This information was taken from their website.

Live. Laugh. The Lights! If anyone has been out to West Fargo lately, you might have noticed the striking new building called The Lights. We designed and built a lot of the signage inside and out of this beautiful new edition to the F/M area. Last week we had the pleasure of speaking with McKenzy Olson at The Lights about all the exciting new things happening in West Fargo!

How about an introduction for our readers? What’s your name, what do you do within the company, and how long have you worked for EPIC?

McKenzy Olson, VP Marketing and Public Relations for EPIC Companies. I’ve been with EPIC for almost 3.5 years however I was part time for the first 1.5 years.

You could say I wear a lot of hats, my main goals are to take care of all the marketing efforts, advertising and public relations goals. I can say I have a great team behind me who helps make conscious efforts about what we do to get our name out there.

McKenzy Olson of The Lights

Tell us a little about The Lights. History, how it came to be, how long has it been in the works?

The Lights has been in the works for four years or more. It came about a few years back when the West Fargo School District had plans to buy the land and build a hockey arena. As one of the prime corners left in West Fargo, developers asked the WF School District to trade land so they could build upon it. The Lights came from other developments such as the Power & Light District in Kansas City, LA Live, Phoenix Live, The Railyards in Lincoln, and more.

The Lights in West Fargo

How many apartments are here? Businesses?

49 in the EPIC building, 36 in the ECHO building, more units to come with future phases.

We anticipate around 20 plus businesses will call The Lights home, right now we currently have six signed leases.

Are your apartments filled up yet?

We currently have 30 leased in the EPIC building and are actively leasing the units, we opened this building early March!

What type of amenities come with your apartments?

One of our biggest perks is the Internet is paid for with rent! The buildings are pet friendly and also offer underground parking for a charge. These units are upscale with stainless steel appliance, white cabinetry, a butcher block island, washer/dryer in unit, two elevators, large stairwells, walk-in closets, and a balcony. We have large hallways that connect all the buildings and the parking ramp with a sky-way. The entryways to each floor have a sitting area and a Foosball table, with plans for a fitness room to happen in phase two. The second phase features even more upscale two-story units that have black stainless steel appliances and some upgraded additions to the units. These units are so unique that they have the bedrooms downstairs on some of them to control your own noise.

What kind of outdoor activities will you offer?

A large outdoor plaza is right outside the doors & windows of the buildings. The plaza is surrounded by the parking ramp and the buildings. The plaza & parking ramp are City of West Fargo owned and managed by West Fargo Events. We are looking forward to community events hosted by West Fargo Events to take place outside such as farmers markets, workout classes, and many different events and activities open to the public. Other events that are going to be ticketed will also take place such as concerts and speaker series.

The Lights in West Fargo, North Dakota

What are you most excited for about The Lights?

I’m excited about the entertainment impact it’ll bring to the community! This area is called a live entertainment district in the community of West Fargo. It’ll be a destination location for the state as we hope people will travel to the variety of community events and activities. One of the most exciting features is the large, exterior video board that’s on the corner of Sheyenne Street and 32nd Avenue along with the space cannons that shine up at night.

We are also providing different living options for tenants including one bed, two bed, and two-story two bedroom units. The first phase, EPIC at The Lights & ECHO at The Lights include both residential and commercial spaces. This creates a live, work, and play environment for residential tenants and a built-in customer base for commercial tenants.

The Lights has been a long-time coming and has been very well thought out and designed. The development also features skyways that runs from the parking ramp through all the buildings making it easy access points to get around the development. If you haven’t had the chance to drive by and check out all the unique features of The Lights you should.

What was the biggest challenge you faced?

I would say determining signage is also difficult, it’s long-term and you want to make sure it’s the right fit for the buildings. The goal is also to make sure it works for both the building and the commercial tenants. It’s a large feat to make sure that it works with the development and it showcases the site in a positive light.

The Lights is an exciting edition to our community, we want to thank McKenzy for taking the time to speak with us and give us a little more insight into The Lights. If you get a chance, drive on by and check it out! The building is beautiful and we can’t wait for construction to be complete!

Meet the team behind the project!

It all started with our salesman Wade bringing this project in. Anna was the Graphic Designer designing many signs for The Lights. Nate, our Shop Foreman, built hardware and signage while also helping our installers Billy and James getting these signs up and shining bright! This was a very large project and this amazing team really worked together to create a unique and beautiful display of amazing signage!

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