Art & Business Brunch: McKenzy Olson joins a panel of individuals to discuss businesses that collect and display artwork

July 21, 2021

Corporate Art Collections: How & Why Do Businesses Have Art Collections?

The largest corporate art collections – Deutsche Bank, UBS, Microsoft, UniCredit, and JPMorgan Chase – have been assembled over the years because they do many things: represent a great investment of money and prestige; out of respect for employees, create an artistic atmosphere that will stimulate their work environment; for clients, win their loyalty; and for artists, generate income and recognition.

Art & Business Brunch will explore this critical and multi-dimensional topic with a panel of representatives from local, regional, and national businesses that collect and display artwork.


• Sandi Piatz – Microsoft

• Kira Burge – The Lumiere Group

• Ivy Oland – Sanford

• Alissa Adams – West Acres Mall

• McKenzy Olson – EPIC Companies

• Alice Gray Stites – 21c Museum Hotel

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